Distance is not a barrier
It is said

What if the language of my heart I spoke out couldn’t be translated?
What if the reason you cannot send the mail man couldn’t be scribbled down?
What if the reason for our silence is that we understand?…
Or not?
What if our stance on this will fail us?
What if the skies will eventually come falling down on us?
What if love decides to wise up too?…
What if we still find a way to fight despite the fear the people are right?
What if our stance in distance is to stand?

Distance is not a barrier
It is said.



The singles, the singles!

So, a friend back in Senior High who is a radio presenter at one of the local radio stations here in Ghana says he is into music now!

Well, I am not surprised that this guy has chosen this path since he was always good. At rap you know, if he decides to do just the normal singing he would sound like a Drake.

Oh okay… So let’s go to the formalities already yeah.

Veteran Afro Pop Artist and winner of Afro Pop song of the year 2017 in the Eastern Music Awards in a while drops his first Single in 2018 on May 9, 2018..
A song all Ladies would love and Jam to it..Titled *Vibe with Me*

Prod By Swanzykin X Smuchiz

It is a social media release so please follow his handle : Blutut Africa, facebook, twitter, instagram.

Poetry Review


I have received quite a number of really nice comments regarding my posts on my soon to graduate blog and social media handles about my effort at poetry ( thank you all very much ) . I have also taken note of the comment concerns of how quite deep some of my write ups are though really good.

I love all my blog people so why not explain some of my write ups? Yes, some. I would be selective about which ones to review depending on a number of factors.

So, besides the infamous book and movie reviews we mostly see around, which tell us about the products and why we should read or watch them, this poetry review I’m hopefully going to begin by the end of this month will have me explain my poems and the reason for writing them.

Yeah, let’s get all emotional and stuff a bit here! Lol.

If you have any shared sentiment on the reviews, please do feel free to leave a comment and I would definitely reply.

Long live the beginning of the poetry review!



my sleeve hasn’t rolled out of humor. only maybe, laughter is not the best healing medicine after all.

maybe silence is.

my feet aren’t weary of labour. only maybe, they have to find themselves another purpose.

maybe we don’t always have to stand for something.

my life is a tapestry of knitted scares but
I shimmer
I shimmer
I shimmer
a light from within which couldn’t be contained.

maybe the fire is the only answer to glitter gold after all.